• AB storage hall dim. 60x40m in Ormož for investor Pfaifer & Langen G.m.b.h.
  • AB two-storey hall dim. 17x86m with a connecting corridor and associated canopies in a metal version of 2800m2 in Pragersko for the investor Olimpijski Strelski Center Gaj
  • Mechanical workshop of steel construction dim. 25x13m for the investor Em-grad d.o.o.
  • AB production hall dim. 70x25m and 55x16m for the investor Slovenske Železnice d.d.
  • Business building in Destrnik with a low energy construction 1400m2 for the investor Municipality of Destrnik
  • Housing estate BIŠ 5 residential houses investor EM-GRAD d.o.o.
  • Warehouse 50mx22m with car wash for trucks and administrative building, own investment in Austria.